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Signal & Power semiconductor enterprise

Signal & Power semiconductor is committed to driving innovation in energy-efficient electronics, enabling customers to reduce global energy use. Signal & Power semiconductor offers a semiconductor-based solution that provides comprehensive energy-efficient power management, analog, sensor, logic, timing, interoperability, discrete, integrated and custom device lineups. Our products help engineers solve their unique design and technical challenges in the energy, automotive, communications, computer, consumer electronics, industrial, medical, and aerospace industries. The company operates a business network in key markets in the Asia Pacific region, including manufacturing plants, sales offices and design centers.

Signal & Power semiconductor advocates the concept of technology leading smart life, and is committed to working with customers to achieve smart factories, smart cities and smart homes, as well as next-generation mobile communications and IoT products.

Signal & Power semiconductor provides environmentally friendly products and services based on green management principles and contributes to human life and world environmental protection through the development of business activities that respect people and nature.

Signal & Power semiconductor history

      Since 1998, Signal & Power semiconductor has effectively promoted product development. From the development of wafer products in obscurity, to the introduction of each product to the market and the recognition of users, Signal & Power semiconductor has gradually grown. Since we decided to start the company, we have not only survived stubbornly, but also contributed to the development of society with the spirit of risk-taking and innovation.

      It is because of the unremitting efforts of Signal & Power semiconductor people that we can contribute to society and the industry. In our development process, every employee of Signal & Power semiconductor has been quietly paying.

      Our success is the perfect embodiment of corporate culture: encouraging innovation and honing the will, which is essential for taking the lead in fierce competition. Better than quality, creating value is the common ideal and goal of Signal & Power semiconductor people.

Signal & Power semiconductor culture


Better than quality, create value


Innovation is endless, service zero distance


Design with heart, platinum quality

Signal & Power semiconductor service

Profession:Pursue quality, serve with heart

Speed:       Fast, precise, and cut into customer needs
Price:         Provide cost-effective products
Produce:   Quality manufacturing
Design:      Converging industry top design engineers